Populous cryptocurrency investment

Populous Cryptocurrency – Is it Worth the Investment?

The growth in the blockchain industry has been very significant as more businesses begin to accept cryptocurrency as payment for goods and services. Different businesses have seen the need for trading with cryptocurrency because of its fast, secure, and easy payment module. One special coin platform that has come to the rescue of many businesses suffering from financing invoices is the Populous cryptocurrency network. This cryptocurrency works on a peer to peer network that provides a trading platform for invoice financing. Its platform acts as a link between sellers of the invoice and those willing to buy at an affordable rate.
Before we look at the extensive benefits of Populous cryptocurrency, let us first understand the whole idea behind the creation of the Populous network.

The Idea Behind Populous Cryptocurrency

Populous cryptocurrency has officially existed a year and three months in the blockchain industry. Its existence can be traced back to 2016 when the idea conceived by Stephen William was brought into reality. Stephen Williams has been known for his work in market research of commercial data and analytics. His interest in joining the blockchain network was to develop a peer to peer network that uses XBRL to facilitate the sales of the invoice in the finance sector.

Since the populous coin was launched into the public as an open source of decentralized services, it has been appreciated by so many businesses. Its system has been a trustless network where the transaction between sellers and buyers of invoices are highly free from fraud cases.

Benefits of Populous Cryptocurrency

Listed here are eight key benefits of Populous Cryptocurrency that show it is a worthwhile investment:

1. Smart contract-types

Smart contract is quite literally the digital lawyer within the blockchain industry. Smart contracts replace the physical presence of a lawyer to act as a witness during transactions. This digital third party (smart contract) helps in the exchange of asset and transaction between two or more parties. The populous coin has been able to implement this smart contract feature to create transparency in its entire network. This conflict-free feature helps both the sellers and buyers of invoices to build trust in the network while helping both parties to maintain long term confidence between them.

2. Enables businesses to secure cash flow quickly

One global issue faced by most small and medium scale business recently is the inability to secure cash for short and long term investment. This problem has caused the death of many start-ups in recent times. This gap has been bridged by the Populous blockchain network. Populous cryptocurrency network which is focussed on invoice financing has created a platform where it efficiently connects invoice buyers directly with invoice sellers. This pairing algorithm has fostered an easy and secured cash flow thereby making the entire system grow in financial worth.

3. A stable coin system for investors

A recurrent issue that has somehow stifled the growth of cryptocurrency since its launch is volatility. This single factor has made so many people scared of investing in cryptocurrency because of the irregular price level of crypto coins. In order to counter the instability experienced by most coins in the market, Stephens William created a stable coin called Pokens for its investors. The main currency of the Populous network is called a Poken. These pokens are pegged directly to the equivalent amount of fiat currency in other to create stability. Pokens can be purchased directly with any of the fiat currencies like GBP, USD, and EUR for invoices.

4. Zero-risk for investors

We all know that it is risky not to take the risk. But the fear of investing in a platform you have no knowledge about can still eat deep. Populous has removed the fear and provided zero risk for investors. How? Populous applies the Altman Z-score predictive measure to evaluate the risk level of invoices. The Altman Z-score uses a probability by computing the invoice seller’s working capital, total assets, and retained earnings. Its computing module is designed for private firms, non-manufacturers, and emerging markets. Altman Z-score uses determinants to evaluate any invoice on the basis of three factors. These include firstly, whether a business will go into bankruptcy within two years, secondly, if it will default the obligation, and thirdly a control measure for financial distress.

5. Easy exchange of valuable information between investors

Sharing information and security is one primary aim of the Populous network. XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is employed to cater for the exchange of business information. This reporting system helps exchange information between investors in the Populous network. With the presentation of valuable information to both parties (buyer and seller), it has helped as a guide on how and what invoices to invest on within the network.

6. Flexible communication and interaction between investors

The channel of communication between investors in Populous crypto network is highly flexible. When a buyer registers in their network, they are required to activate their account and be approved by the administrator of the system before creating invoices. Before invoices are created, sellers are required to provide details of their company data and documentation for the verification process. The verification processes are required to test for the validity of the seller. When invoices are approved by the system, sellers can place invoices for auctions to buyers. In almost the same process, buyers can browse invoices and bid for preferred invoices in the pool of published invoices.

7. A secured way of storage for its coin

Securing assets and funds is the utmost interest of every investor in any network. Populous cryptocurrency network uses ETH storage wallet system for the storage of its coin. This wallet system ensures that both private and public keys are secured from cyber hackers. ETH wallet provides variable options for investors of populous coin to store their private keys. These options vary from the cold and hot wallet. Ethereum cold wallet has been appreciated by investors storing a large number of coins because of its high level of security from online activities.

8. Provides future coexistence between investors

The growth of any industry lies in the coexistence of investors. When businesses coexist between themselves, it produces trust and bond. Populous cryptocurrency merges the gap between investors through their invoice financing. This channel of communication has enabled investors to meet with new businesses and establish a partnership through coexistence.