Bistash Cryptocurrency guide

Bitstash Crypto – The Comprehensive Guide

If credit should be given to any industry in this millennial, the blockchain industry should be the first. Its popularity has continually increased causing its total financial strength to supersede most traded assets. Different market systems now recognize cryptocurrency as a means of exchange. Its awareness has made many to believe that there is hope for a digital economy.

The known coin which we are about to discuss that has contributed largely to this digital coin community is Bitstash cryptocurrency. Bitstash cryptocurrency platform was created as a blockchain platform where traders can sell their goods and services in a secure and decentralized system. In this guide, you will be exposed to the benefits of Bitstash cryptocurrency and how it can help you invest better. But before then, let’s look at what Bitstash is all about.

What is Bitstash?

Bitstash was founded in December 2017 as a decentralized cryptocurrency platform for commerce. Its aim was geared towards creating an environment where traders can conveniently carry out transactions in a reliable and secure system. Bitshash platform was able to tap into the ever-growing rise of the online market through the use of the blockchain industry.

Bitstash was built not only for blockchain transactions but to give traders an avenue to own an online store using their platform. With the creation of stores by traders, traders can start using cryptocurrency to support their trading activities.

Ever since Bitstash was launched in 2017, its road map has three significant activities; its crowdsale in July 2018, the development of Bitstash marketplace in September 2018, and its marketing and advertising in January 2019. Bitstash looks forward to launching features like its payment plugin and creating viable in-store payment solutions.

Benefits of Bitstash

1. A new opportunity to traders all over the world

Ever since internet marketing came into existence, many different platforms and agencies have tapped into its resources. This has brought a new opportunity to all industries to market their products and services.
Bitstash cryptocurrency platform has not only been launched as a blockchain to only blockchain miners but as a platform for traders to market their products and services to the world. Using Bitstash will help traders connect to millions of customers all over the world while using its cryptocurrency. Its platform will provide a simple and secure marketplace for users to easily transact with each other.

2. An easy process to start using Bitstash

Bitstash platform is created for easy adoption. When starting with Bitstash, it allows you to either register as a merchant or as a buyer. Each category clearly defines its functions to users. Using Bitstash as a merchant is 100% free. This gives you the avenue to sell your product and use their other decentralized services within the platform.

Bitstash platform is not only created with an easy enlistment opportunity for the merchant but allows individuals to register before buying any product. In the Bitstash marketplace, you can buy products ranging from home supplies, electronics, automotive, and even sports facilities. When you are registered as a stash buyer, you will need a stash token to purchase a product.

3. Secured access to trade under their platform

Bitstash is not just like any e-commerce website but a platform that is driven by blockchain technology. When Bitstash was launched online, one of its primary aims was to create an interactive trade ground that is secured for both sellers and buyers. Its security measure includes using the stash token for transaction in which transactions can be recorded on its blockchain and a smart escrow contract that can only be released by the purchaser.

In addition to its security measures, Bitshash developers have created in-depth terms and conditions agreement for vendors and buyers as well as policy for missing or damaged products.

4. A ground to trade at a cheaper price

Running an e-commerce store not only requires you to know the procedures to follow but the funds to back it up. E-commerce is a business, and anyone who wishes to tap into it should be prepared not only to understand its technical know-how but its funding process. Bitstash’s advancement has opened a new opportunity to both vendors and buyers to trade at a relatively cheap transaction cost.

Though the launching of its e-commerce store follows the same trading process like every store but with extremely low transaction fees. When sending stash to anyone, transaction fees are pegged between 1-3% per transaction. These transaction fees are required as a gas cost on the Ethereum blockchain when sending ERC-20 tokens.

5. A wide variation of payment system for its users

Bitstash looks forward to creating a seamless transaction for its users by incorporating a different payment system. Bitstash provides store owners with a custom QR code that allows for trade using stash token. As the network continually develops, Bitstash looks to include a “Tap to Pay” payment solution for its merchants and buyers, and Point of Sale system for easy trade within the BiStash platform.

6. An on-the-go app to store your stash coin

Stash currently can be stored in any etherum wallet system because it is built as an ERC-20 token. Ethereum wallet presents one of the highest secured wallets for both offline and online storage system. The bitshash developer looks forward to launching its Android and IOS mobile application in 2020. With this application, users can securely store their stash coin, perform trades and most especially buy products from their marketplace.

7. Easy access to Ethereum Addresses through the use of Bitstash Ethereum Explorer

Bitstash Ethereum Explorer was launched to create easy access to Ethereum addresses without the use of third parties like etherscan. Its Ethereum Explorer is connected directly to Ethereum network allowing users to communicate with the blockchain directly. Bitstash looks forward to allowing anyone who wants to customize their token to run its decentralized application. Through this system, users will be able to transfer amount, view previous transactions and decentralized token trades. This service will only be offered at an affordable price to users of Bitstash platform.