Crypto trading automation

7 Best Crypto Trading Automation Tools

The world of cryptocurrency is fast evolving into a global market comprising of hundreds of coins with millions of trades daily. Investors are more concerned about trading their currencies rather than holding them. Trading in the crypto space is a complicated financial process that needs automation and guidance. One very intriguing thing about the cryptocurrency industry is the innovations produced by top-notch experts in ICT and financial institutions to make investment procedure easier for investors. Teams of experts are working round the clock to deliver groundbreaking crypto trading tools. This article will list some of the best Crypto Trading Automation Tools for beginner and experienced investors.

1. CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is a cryptocurrency trading tool that is designed to give the most trusted cryptocurrency data in the ‘cryptoshere’. The CoinMarketCap API is designed to run in 4 top-level categories:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Price and volume data
  • Exchange data such as its listed order in the market
  • Global metrics tools and data (aggregated comprehensive market data and useful tools where currency-to-fiat price conversions can be made).

It is programmed to run simulations for starter investors who want to know more on Backrest and strategic trading. The CoinMarketCap runs by collecting hundreds of exchanges data and thousands of coins. Users can use up to 5 years of historical data to manage their portfolio plans. The CoinMarketCap dashboard indicates charts of accurate data on the cryptomarket that helps users build their wallet. It also enables users to manage their portfolio with the most advanced updated data available in the crypto space. You can check and compare how other exchanges and coins are doing with the CoinMarketCap exchange tool. Users can run experiments by building their own model or simply have fun with trading simulators. You can learn more about this cryptocurrency trading tool by visiting the CoinMarketCap webpage.

2. Shrimpy

The Shrimpy is a crypto trading tool that simplifies portfolio automation. This trading tool is programmed to give a complete overview of the trader’s portfolio from a single interface. Some of its remarkable features include linking a user’s exchange accounts and providing the opportunity to view all accounts at the same time. Users of this tool can track the performance of the portfolio and other related digital assets in one place. Shrimp provides a community to socialize as users can engage and share trading strategies to win rewards. Startup traders, as well as investors who want to take their crypto exchange skills to the next profitable level, can learn portfolio management strategies to optimize their portfolio.

3. Coingecko

Coingecko provides a basic analysis of the crypto market. Established in 2014, it is one of the largest and earliest crypto databanks for metrics. It currently tracks 3,300 tokens from more than 260 crypto exchanges. The program contains a dashboard that enables the charting of market volume and capitalization as well as the tracking of prices of coins globally. It provides reliable crypto metrics and strengthens community growth. It tracks major events and encourages open-source code development. The mission of the Coingecko team is to direct crypto investors on which coins to hold or invest by supplying data about its global market capitalization. With Coingecko, users can check prices of coins, trade, check trade volumes, community stats, and view the global market. Find more about Coingecko here.

4. Binance

The Binance crypto trading tool is built by a strong team with experience in both Wall Street and crypto finance. The Binance has a high-performance capacity of processing 1,400,000 orders per second. Their proven products allow over 30 exchanges. It supports coins such as BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB. It is device friendly and can be operated in Web, Android, iOS, Mobile web, Windows and the macOS platforms. Binance dashboard is designed to give you a quick glance of gainers and losers in the real-time around the cryptomarket. Start trading with Binance now.

5. 3Commas

The 3Commas trading tool comes with lots of features for those who want to explore their options in cryptocurrency trading strategies. Users can choose an exchange, select currency pairs, and set the number of units they want to buy. The 3Commas tool supports 14 exchanges. It has a smart trade option that allows investors to set a ‘stop-loss option’ that prompts the closure of transactions when the price falls below the price you set. The 3Commas tool is programmed using trading Bot such as BitMEX. This bot is programmed and investors can customize their bot to help the 3Commas tool run technical analysis that aids the setting of conditions on how it should trade automatedly. A 25% referral is granted to investors when a down line uses his referral link to make a deposit.

6. CoinTracking

CoinTracking comprises of a dashboard that supplies users with the following data:

  • Total value of all coins
  • Total value of all commodities
  • Total value of all currencies
  • Total account value

CoinTracking analyses your trades and supplies reports on trends such as profits and loss, calculations on key indicators, realized and unrealized gains, list of all trades and fees. It also incorporates tax declaration tools such as capital gains reporting. CoinTracking reports trends for 6,536 coins and assets. It also indicates the total trades per day and the current Bitcoin price. CoinTracking’s features enable new users to easily have an inference on the value of each crypto coin in USD. With a simple pictorial representation, users can compare trades per exchange such as Kraken, Bittrex, Poloniex, Coinbase, Bitstamp, and HitBTC. The CoinTracking tool is secure using SSL Certificate and Encryption that requires a 2-factor Authentication. Track your Coins now with the CoinTracking Tool.

7. Coinigy

The Coinigy crypto trading tool makes digital currency effortless. It boasts to deliver the highest quality user experience. It is best-suited to crypto investors who want to go professional in cryptocurrency trading. The tools help users monitor their account round the clock. Trading is made simple as it hosts the World’s top exchanges (over 45 exchanges) in just a single user account. The app is not free, but new users can start with a free trial. The tool gives access to 75+ technical indicators and direct trades from charts. Price alerts can be sent to the user’s phone, e-mails, and in-browsers. Coinigy API is designed to work with apps and plug-ins to connect with investors accounts. You can improve your trading skills with in-built instructional materials and live chats from their help-desk.

Take a tour with the links provided above for a preview, make your choice and start investing. Goodluck!