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8 Ways to Learn about Blockchain and Crypto

Does blockchain or cryptocurrency news make your ears prick up? You might have asked so many questions regarding blockchain and how the whole thing works. But the truth remains that, some people still find it difficult to get the right source to learn how the blockchain works. So, if you are reading this article, Congratulations! You will now be exposed to 8 ways to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency. So, grab a cup of coffee.

1. Use reliable encyclopedia-like Investopedia

Twenty years of existence has made Investopedia earn its trust from millions of people. Investopedia has been in existence since 1990. It is the number one resources to get the most reliable information and fact on the blockchain or any investment skills. It helps blockchain beginners to understand complex financial subject and blockchain terminology. Its accuracy, transparency, and insightfulness have made Investopedia been ranked among the top 10 online encyclopedias of all times.

The board of Investopedia is teamed up with a network of financial advisors and an expert from all level of the financial industry including blockchain. Its integrity has helped him an award from Gram Institute in the area of Content marketing. So are you new in the whole blockchain community or you found it difficult to understand so many complex terminologies? Investopedia can be a helpful resource to learn about blockchain. Its bulk of knowledge has been largely contributed by different experts in other help you learn better.

2. Keep abreast with the latest news from the top blockchain news website

Learning the terminology of blockchain is not enough, keeping up-to-date with its latest news and information is critical. Within the last five years, we have seen rapid development in the blockchain industry. New coins and features have been added to different cryptocurrency platform. This single act has caused its widespread and recognition.

Blockchain news platforms like:

  • TodayOnChain is designed to keep cryptocurrency lovers abreast with all the latest happenings in the blockchain industry. TodayOnChain is very reliable because its news platform is built as an aggregated news from other multiple resources. Using TodayOnChain also gives you the latest price info and ranking of the top cryptocurrency.
  • CoinDesk – You can’t talk about learning cryptocurrency without mentioning CoinDesk. CoinDesk has been so effective in all major areas of blockchain like its technology, markets, upcoming events, and business. Since when it was launched in 2003, its impact has been felt in the whole blockchain community.
  • CoinTelegraph – Its diverse features have made telegraph the best place to learn about blockchain. Using CoinTelegraph gives you information on top cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. You can also get more analysis, opinions, in-depth and interview in CoinTelegragh.

Other blockchain news platforms are; Bitcoinist, NewsBTC, and CryptoSlate.

3. Get answers to your questions using Quora

So, let’s assume you have been following every blockchain news and platform but still needs a little clarification. Using Quora’s platform can help provide you with your specific answers. Quora is a website where you can ask questions specific to the blockchain, get answers and also find other relevant answers to questions answered. Answers given in Quora are provided in the form of opinion by experts in the blockchain. Using Quora can help you switch between more than 15 different languages. You can also collaborate by editing questions and suggesting edits to answers.

4. Join the best Blockchain community in telegram

At times you might find it a little difficult to catch all the latest update using any of the blockchain websites discussed above. But with the subscription of some known blockchain telegram channels, you can get push-notification and stay updated. Telegram is built with special functionality like; secret-chat, groups & Supergroups, Channels, and Bot functionality. Some example of blockchain telegrams channels include:

  • DeCenter – DeCenter is involved in any form of blockchain curated content. It currently has more than 75,000 subscribers. They cover different blockchain content from the latest educational articles and newsletter. Its flexibility allows you to discuss using their telegram channels
  • – iNews.Bitcoin covers a wide area of content on cryptocurrency. Subscribing on their Telegram channels gives you access to their published news, analyses and ICO.

Other telegram channels you can also follow to learn about blockchain include; BitLenta, BitNovosti, and Coinspot.

5. Subscribe to Blockchain Youtube Channels

Youtube is one of the widely most used channels for communicating by video sharing. It not only gives an informative resource but gives you a tutorial on how to buy, sell, and trade your cryptocurrency using any of the platforms. You can find an extensive list of curated video content on any topic from their search bar. Some of the resource youtube channel you can subscribe to get the latest information on the blockchain is:

  • Decentralized TV – This is one of the most recognized youtube channels for any blockchain topic. It currently has more than 79,000 subscribe. You can find detailed reviews of different blockchain features and how-to videos from their youtube playlist.
  • TheChartGuys – TheChartGuys are known for technical analysis and any related topics to helping you invest better in cryptocurrency. It has more than 5,000 videos and a subscriber list of more than 120,000.

6. Stay connected with Blockchain PodCast series

Podcast is ideal for individuals who either find it difficult to stay glued to their laptops, smartphones or too busy due to work conditions. PodCast is one of the informative channels in the crypto space that gives the latest update on blockchain technology. Some good example of podcast series to look out for is:

  • Unchained podcast hosted by Laura Shin – This podcast series aims to give individuals interested in blockchain an insight on how blockchain can solve so many problems.
  • Epicenter – Epicenter keeps you updated with the latest development around the blockchain industry. It also features blockchain expert and advisors on a weekly basis.

Other examples of podcast series you can subscribe to are; blockchain Insider, The Blockchain Show, and Coin Mastery.

7. Learn about the blockchain Story through Twitter

Are you a twitter lover and you want to stay updated with the latest blockchain information? You can find helpful resources through the twitter media that can help quench your taste for blockchain knowledge. Following influential leaders in the crypto world through twitter can give you the spark of insight that you need. Some good example include @rogerkver, @brockpierce, @AriDavidPaul, and @jimmysong.

8. Learn about any blockchain project by investing a little

People always say experience is the best teacher. You cannot know what Rome looks like if you are not there. Having gone through the above steps, you can learn better by investing just a token to see how the blockchain project works. Most people who are big-time investors in the blockchain industry started by giving it a trial. With an initial funded project, you can pave your way into becoming one of the biggest crypto investors of all times.