Goldfun crypto coin

The GoldFund Crypto Coin- Is it Worth it?

You may have heard people say that they are investing in gold – although you physically could not see any gold in their possession. The trading of a high-value commodity like gold has always been an asset that is worth investing over the years. Its high price and value in the market have pushed some to believe that without a gold mine in your possession you definitely cannot trade gold.

This misconception has been re-addressed by a new cryptocurrency in the coin market called GoldFund Cryptocurrency. The GoldFund coin is a decentralized blockchain platform that assists precious metal producers to get into production by providing them with the funding they need. This process helps create access to valuable commodities like gold which is relatively scarce.

Do you want to start investing in gold or do you find yourself questioning whether investing in GoldFund is worth it? Let’s analyse the reasons why investing in GoldFund Cryptocurrency is worth it and how it can help you re-strategize your investment portfolio.

What is GoldFund Cryptocurrency?

GoldFund is an Australian-based cryptocurrency token that has a mission to create easy access to trade precious stones like gold in the commodity market with the use of its GFUN coin. It came into existence in February 2018 as a cryptocurrency that primarily provides a source of capital to gold miners for their mining activities.

With GoldFund coin, investors are able to trade in physical assets like gold in exchange for its digital assets through a decentralized peer-to-peer system without the influence of third parties. Its trading platform called Zomia Gold exchange will serve as a trading ground to help gold miners trade their gold at a discounted price in the commodity market.

Benefits of GoldFund Cryptocurrency

1. A decentralized means of exchange for gold commodity

Gold is a high-valued commodity in the market. Its superiority against other commodities shows its worth and value in the midst of the exchange market. Trading gold through GoldFund Cryptocurrency provides investors with an added advantage of self-controlling power of your asset – independent from any central authority or body. With its decentralized blockchain technology, you can perform your gold trade in a peer-to-peer system without any influence from the third party. Also there are no additional charges, transaction limitations, and government interference no matter the worth of your gold asset. Its decentralized feature has been the livewire to modern-day exchange between investors. Investors in GoldFund cryptocurrency can perform decentralized trades for gold and exchange the commodity through the use of its blockchain features.

2. A call for all goldminers to fund their project

The gold commodity market has been a place where only the big dogs can fund their gold mining project. When GoldFund sprang into existence in 2018, its aim was to create a balanced market where individuals and groups who find it difficult to fund their production of gold can get funded with some capital. Before applying for capital to fund your gold production project, individuals should be in possession with some quantity of GoldFund coins. When you buy GFUN coins, you are providing GoldFund with the capital to develop gold mines. After these gold mines are developed, individuals pay back some percentage in gold to GoldFund in order to fund their entire GoldFund cryptocurrency projects.

3. A place for discounted gold below the market price

No matter how the price of gold falls or rise, every investor in GoldFund should be able to have their share in GFUN coins and trade for good returns. GFUN has created a means whereby investors in GoldFund coin can have every right to smile when trading for gold in their Zomia Gold exchange market. Zomia Gold exchange is an exchange platform where GoldFund Cryptocurrency investors can trade gold in exchange for their GFUN coins. Zomia Gold Exchange is GoldFund’s exchange point for discounted prices. It provides GFUN coin holders the ability to purchase gold at discount price of 30% below the market price.

4. On-the-go platform to monitor your investment

Investment is key, but when flexibility is not available to monitor your investment, that is suicidal. GoldFund cryptocurrency platform is a home to monitor all your precious stone investments. Its platform is created with great flexibility with whatever device you use to monitor your investment. With its smartphone compatibility, you can monitor your trade, check current prices, monitor latest news release, trade their GRUN coins for real gold, and track the market wherever your location.

5. Creating a viable market for gold traders and other crypto coins

The GoldFund Cryptocurrency ecosystem is built with much room and flexibility to trade off-chain and on-chain. Its market system interacts with trades from other cryptocurrencies in different exchanges. With Your GFUN coins, you can trade for other cryptocurrency and buy gold through the use of their Zomia Gold exchanges. GoldFund blockchain makes it easy for investors with their store of digital assets to monitor potential gold market movements with a view of performing profitable trades.

6. Security of trade and digital assets

When we talk of cryptocurrency, one thing that cannot be over-emphasized is its security. As the blockchain industry grows, one aspect of its features that have been modified by blockchain developers is its security network. The GoldFund platform has seen how tempting it will be to hackers if its security system is not fortified with its privacy policy. Although GoldFund is still in its developmental stage, its security network is created with high algorithm that is difficult to breach.

7. Potential gains in long term investment

Gold as a commodity has been used by traders as a store of an asset for long term investment. Its imperishable value has not only attracted its trade beyond different markets but has shown its strength when being traded. Every invested commodity needs a store value for long term investment and gold has shown it’s capabilities in the market. Its ability to compete in value with other assets and its general acceptability has increased the tendency of its price to soar high.