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7 Best Cryptocurrency Trading Bots

Cryptocurrency trading takes a lot of time and effort. When you hear people talk about how much they have made from it, it is not because they sat doing nothing. No! With the right tools and strategies, you too can start making profits. To get started with crypto trading, consider these seven best cryptocurrency trading bots.

1. Haasbot

Haasbot is a very popular cryptocurrency trading bot that is used by many crypto investors and enthusiasts. This does all of the basic legwork required when trading on behalf of the investor while the investor does just a little work to support the legwork that the bot has already done. Haasbot is known for trading Bitcoin and altcoins on quite a number of exchanges. It costs about 0.12 BTC to 0.32 BTC per quarter to use the bot.

The bot is primarily designed to analyse market information on behalf of the investor. With this, the bot can predict very useful and reliable trend patterns which can improve the success of Bitcoin trading. Irrespective of this, investors should still be a little committed to doing their part of the trading while the bot does its part to make the trading more successful.

2. CryptoTrader

CryptoTrader is also a very popular bot used by cryptocurrency investors. This cloud-based automated bot requires absolutely no installation on a personal computer. Investors can choose to modify the settings of the bot to get their desired trading goals. This bot also comes with a special feature called the strategy market which allows investors to trade their strategies with other investors. So for investors looking to get more strategies that would improve their coin trades in order to get their desired profit, this bot would be of great value to them. In addition to the strategy market feature, there is also another interesting feature called the ‘backtesting tool’. This feature allows investors to test the different trading strategies they got from the strategy market. These strategies would be tested against the current market conditions as well as backtested data available. The bot supports all major cryptocurrency exchanges such as BTCe, CoinBase and others. For investors looking for automated trading solutions driven by advanced technology, this is the bot for them.

3. Gekko

Gekko is an amazing free to use backtesting platform and powerful trading bot with one-hundred percent open source file (meaning that it is constantly developed by very brilliant developers all over the world). It is also an automated trading bot with basic in-built trading strategies that makes trading quite easy and effortless. This bot runs easily on operating devices like Windows, MacOS, and Linux. The bot makes it easy to get updates on the go through the investor’s email, Telegram and other platforms. Investors can use the bot to run various backtesting of their trading strategies as well as visualize the results they want to get. It is important to note that this bot does not carry out arbitrage trades. It is perfect for those who are new in the cryptocurrency world.

4. Tradewave

With Tradewave, users can actually create their own cryptocurrency trading bots, specific to their needs. This would be perfect for cryptocurrency veterans and professionals who have had years of experience in the cryptocurrency world and have mastered winning strategies which they will input into their bot. The bot runs on the closing and does all the trading on behalf of the investor. The investor is not at any point required to connect to the internet or leave the computer running. It contains other amazing benefits too which would impress crypto professionals. However, the. Tradewave plans start at fourteen dollars per month but considering all the benefits and features; it is not too pricey.

5. BTC Robot

The BTC robot was one of the first trading bots created to improve trading solutions for investors. Investors would have to install it on their personal computer, and it is very easy to setup and use. However, the price difference is based on the type of operating system the computer uses. Those using MacOS obviously would have to pay a little more than others using other operating systems. The good news is that the installation package comes with a sixty days trial period with a refund incentive if you are not impressed with the trading solutions it offers. Investors who have used this bot are openly satisfied with the results they got.

6. Gunbot

This is the most advanced trading bot in the cryptocurrency market. It provides investors with a lot of trading strategies that can be deployed which is easy to use for both crypto beginners and professionals. Investors can make changes to the settings to suit their trading goals in order to maximize trading opportunities. This bot can also be used on all major cryptocurrency exchanges.

With thousands of people using this bot, investors can get very useful online support for the very active online community of Gunbot users. The software is priced between 0.02 BTC to 0.15 BTC depending on the selected software package. One other benefit of this bot software is that there is a life long license on it. So whatever amount that is paid for the selected software package would be a one-time payment and users have access to get software updates regularly; compared to other bots where users have to pay a monthly or quarterly fee charge.

7. Zenbot

Zenbot is also an amazing free trading bot for investors. And just like Gekko, it is an open source software. The implication of this is that with thousands of brilliant developers constantly working on it and keeping it up to date, the bot will continue to meet the current trading needs of investors as the cryptocurrency world expands.

This bot can be used on all operating systems, and it can be modified to suit the preferences of the investor. One of the amazing benefits of this bot is that investors can use it to perform multiple cryptocurrency trades at the same time! How cool is that?! In addition to that, this bot makes use of Artificial Intelligence to exploit arbitrage trades and carries out high-frequency trades on behalf of the investor. Talk about having a “zen life” with the Zenbot! Since both Gekko and Zenbot are freezing investors can use both bots to get more trading results.