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Fidex Token – Is it Worth the Investment?

The cryptocurrency industry is quickly becoming a formidable force. With the rapid spread of its technology and investment processes, many investors have seen many reasons to invest in it. Truth be told, the cryptocurrency investment process might be confusing to a lot of people but highly rewarding when the right procedures are followed.

So, in this guide, we are going to examine Fidex Token and assess why you should invest in it. We will carefully analyze what makes it Fidex Token unique, its features and benefits and how it may be considered investment-worth.f

What is Fidex Token?

Fidex Token is the native token of the Fidex exchange platform. It was introduced just like every other blockchain token as a digital token or asset that can be traded.
It is launched in the 4th quarter of 2018 by the Vikky Global team pioneered by Huey Thai. When Fidex Token was launched, it was created as a smart contract token that can run in Ethereum blockchain. Its goal was focused on the liquidity of new tokens which allows users to pre-own an amount of Fidex Token. Registering as an investor in the Fidex platform will give users the ability to launch their own ICO and submit a token that can be listed.

Though new in the blockchain industry, Fidex Token has already set a milestone they are looking forward to achieving in 2019. They are anticipating the distribution of more than 1 billion of its token. They also seek to go live in the coin market, run its first ICO on Fidex market and create partnerships with brands like Hydro team.

Benefits of Fidex Token

1. A decentralized market to perform trade

When the cryptocurrency industry was launched ten years ago, its major drive was to help investors secure their assets and reduce the interference of third parties. Many frowned at its drive – thinking it will only be a vision without a true mission to accomplish. But today, decentralization is now the bedrock of any cryptocurrency. And the Fidex Token has taken this path.

Fidex Token is a utility token that can be traded the a decentralized market. With its decentralized feature, traders can perform the trade in a secure manner without the interference of any central authority. In this way, data is recorded in the blockchain during transactions rather than relying on a central authority to securely transact with peers.

2. A smart contract type that runs on the Ethereum blockchain

For as long as there are businesses and agreements, there must be a legal document to back it up. When contracts are signed between two parties, a witness like a lawyer or a solicitor act as a third party. This single act helps to increase the binding agreement between parties and reduce the breaching of the agreement.

But when Ethereum launched its blockchain system, it made this agreement run on smart contracts. These smart contracts currently disrupt the traditional way of managing contracts by using a lawyer. With this smart contract, the virtual agreement can be drafted and self-executed without the use of a lawyer or solicitor.

Fidex Token is an ERC-20 token that can run on Ethereum blockchain making it a smart contract-type of cryptocurrency. With the use of smart contract feature, investors can enjoy a transparent contract agreement, accuracy during transactions, and a secure automated agreement.

3. A voting system that allows every user to list a coin

The Fidex community is a big family that gives opportunities to every user in their platform. One such opportunity includes the ability of every user to submit a token that will be enlisted in the Fidex Exchange.

Token Listing vote is a programme by Fidex to determine new tokens which are eligible for listing under Fidex exchange. Before users are allowed to submit token for listing users must be registered and pay a fee of 50,000FEX per token for the process. After careful review between 2-3 days by the team, if accepted, the voting process can take place.

In the voting process, users of Fidex Token can cast a vote for 1 FEX during the voting period, and the token with the most votes will be enlisted into the Fidex exchange.

4. A high-level of security using Espays security experts

Espays security experts are professionals in internal system security. Their specifications include all types of decentralized exchange software and enterprise crypto exchange. They are ranked as one of the highest security network solution professionals that are certified by Security and exchange commission, SEC, Payment Card Industry and KYC/AML compliance.

Fidex security system is fortified by Espays security experts. With the use of Fidex Token for trading under its Fidex exchange, users can enjoy encryption of transaction of data, AI-based tracking, and IP profiling to manage users data.

5. A better way to store your Fidex Token

Fidex Token has no native wallet, but it can be stored in a third-party wallet. These third-party wallets can store ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum wallets are currently one of the most secure forms of wallet in the blockchain industry. Their wallet system offers a variable form of storage ranging from online to offline storage.

When using ERC-20 token wallet, users can enjoy exchange flexibility, future-proof compatibility, support for other currencies, and access to DApps and smart contracts. Examples of ERC-20 wallet that can be used to store Fidex Tokens are; Ledger Nano S, MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Mist, Trezor, and Jaxx wallet.

6. A platform to trade your Fidex Token

Fidex Token is the native token for the Fidex exchange platform. Fidex exchange is a very recent project created by the Vikky Global team. With the use of its exchange platform, investors can trade their token with Ethereum and other ERC-20 tokens. Fidex exchange also provides optimization for tokens listed on their exchange with high speed. Its recognition has spread beyond the shores of Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Korea. Before using Fidex exchange, you can register by using your email address and password, fund your ERC-wallet and trade for tokens listed within the Fidex platform.