cryptocurrency reduce poverty

Can Cryptocurrency reduce poverty?

The entire globe to date has not fully overcome poverty at a good percentage. So many countries are still struggling to get out of recession, hundreds of companies shutting down leading to more unemployed individuals.

But lately, the good news is that cryptocurrency is playing a major role in making poverty history. The cryptocurrency market is constantly witnessing more and more influx of traders than the past few years and has given a great number of people a new leaf of life. Many of these people a few years ago would probably have not enjoyed the level of financial stability they enjoy now, and this is possible because of the huge acceptance for cryptocurrency trade around the globe.

What this simply means is that cryptocurrency will continue to serve as a major and legal avenue to reduce global poverty. By the time you would have finished reading through this article some cryptocurrency traders dotted around the world have made fortunes.To dig into those concrete facts that goes a long way to buttress the point that cryptocurrency can help reduce global poverty.

Cryptocurrency is a major means of income

Just as stated earlier, an amazing number of people today have become devoted cryptocurrency sellers and buyers. Well, that’s because they too have discovered that cryptocurrency is the only way forwards for making good money with little investment. Only very few people today around the globe can depend solely on their salaries; this means a greater number of people cannot depend on their weekly or monthly salaries to carry on with their lives comfortably.

A staggering number of people are interested and highly involved in cryptocurrency marketing network. Everyone needs to have an extra means of income. That’s how smart people function and that is why cryptocurrency remains a top choice of investment as a means of earning extra cash and of course getting out of poverty.

Cryptocurrency enables small business growth

Another smart method that can be adopted in the bid to upsurge global wealth of is simply by enabling small business growth. When soft loans are made available to individuals to start up a business it gives them the empowerment they need to develop a steady source of income. They will then be able to provide some sort of service to their immediate environment. The monies generated by these small businesses stays within the community rather than being spent off to large international corporations.

In order to promote small business growth, supportive opportunities should be made available for entrepreneurship and also make it possible and easy to assess (borrowing) money through micro-finance institutions for small loans to take care of the start-up business costs.

There are no special skills required

Anyone and just anyone can handle the cryptocurrency investment. All you need is basic computer knowledge. That is all it takes. There is no special certification required for before you can function as a trader in the cryptocurrency market. You also do not need to have skills either to carry out cryptocurrency investments, as it offers an Open-For-All policy. That is why anybody can come on board and trade just the way you want at your own terms.

The idea behind this business module is to also make it easy and flexible to encourage more investors, which can thus reduce global poverty. From the on-set, cryptocurrency is designed to help individuals achieve financial freedom.

Cryptocurrency helps to raise more breadwinners

It is no longer news that in the past few years, a huge number of high scale organizations, middle scale companies, and low scale home businesses have been facing major financial setbacks. This has led to a massive number of these companies restructuring or completely shutting down.

Many individuals have been made redundant and therefore could not provide for the family as expected. But today, cryptocurrency makes it easy to work from home and earn good money depending on your level of investment. With cryptocurrency, you can definitely stay away from the poverty line. This again is why many people are being encouraged to invest in the cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrency offers financial support

Man studies show that about 2.5 billion people around the globe today are still unbanked. What this directly implies is that these unbanked individuals do not have any access to essential banking services like account checking or even bank loans; this most likely a result of poverty. But with cryptocurrency, these individuals stand a broader chance to make the kind of money that they could have also held in the bank. That way, people like this will cultivate a good investment and saving culture.

If this approach adopted by these unbanked individuals, it sure will go a long way to help reduce global poverty

Cryptocurrency is open to all

Cryptocurrency is an open platform where people from all walks of life come together to do business. As long as you have the fundamentals of computer usage, then you are good to go. In the world of cryptocurrency marketing, you will find everyone there from old to young, rich to poor. It is designed to work with everyone. This also includes entrepreneurs, seasoned workers, young people and women.

This is yet another reason a lot of people still prefer to invest in cryptocurrency. They can relate to the laid down business structure and see it as a profitable alternative. Cryptocurrency offers everyone who is a diligent and dedicated trader an opportunity to alleviate poverty.


Cryptocurrency is making big waves among other lucrative cryptocurrency platforms. It is solidly endowed with great potentials that will hugely be at the advantage of many people around the world whom we all will agree are living below the poverty line, as well those that are in need of reliable, and affordable financial services. In a nutshell, cryptocurrency has all it takes to help reduce global poverty.